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A while ago I had bought these three beautiful wooden bowls made by Charlie Hamilton (@youngwoodworker), shipped from Richmond/Virginia to Los Angeles, from where my brother brought them to Munich and then to Hamburg.

First use:
For my washi tape with which I presently mainly decorate my postcards (@postcardfromrosalie) when travelling.
For my small earrings which otherwise would be on the bottom and unseen between the larger ones. (Recycled, as made from an old frame!)
For the Euro(-Cent) coins I take out of my purse just to have small cash once in a while. (There are no good luck 1 Cent coins, as I use them for this).

Bitte gern mal die Instagram-Bilder von Charlie ansehen. Jung heisst in diesem Fall 14 Jahre alt. (Charlie´s Etsy Shop, in dem ich gekauft habe. Lieferung nur innerhalb USA, d.h. man benötigt eine Kontaktperson zum Weitersenden/Mitbringen.)

by charlie hamilton - atelier361 by charlie hamilton - atelier361



Three small handcrafted wooden bowls
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